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1、Garment Manufacturing

Product life cycle, IE process system, intelligent typesetting system, 2D scanning measurement, new manufacturing supply chain,customized system, productioninformation cloud platform, visual management and control system,intelligent sewing, intelligent hanger system, intelligent CAM, intelligent hanger system, smart storage, smart outlets, distribution system DRP/POS.

2、Fabric Technology

All kinds of textile fabrics: cotton, hemp, silk / imitation silk, wool / imitation wool, chemical fiber, knitting, functional fabrics, lace embroidery, printed fabrics, etc.; all kinds of clothing accessories: interlining, zippers, tapes, signs, buttons, Hangers, etc.; various auxiliary equipment: computer-aided design, textile testing, etc.; various media publications: design / image, professional publications, e-commerce, etc.

3、Printing and Dyeing Industry

Dyeing and finishing equipment, intelligent printing and dyeing integrated solutions, reactive dyes, disperse dyes, acid dyes, vat dyes, functional textile auxiliaries, dyeing and finishing auxiliaries, printing auxiliaries, setting machines, dyeing cylinders, automatic printing machines, flat/round Network printing machine, cold transfer printing machine, waste water treatment and other environmental protection equipment, testing, materials and complete technical solutions and energy-saving emission reduction applications, etc.

4、Digital Printing

Digital printing machine,automatic printingmachine, semi-automatic printing machine,manual printing machine, flat screenprintingmachine, rotary screenprinting machine, plate-making equipment, drying tunnel, printing battery, size mixing equipment, computer-controlled integrated inkjet net-making system, printing auxiliaries, dyeingauxiliaries, digital printing ink used for textile and garment, patterndesign studio.

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//Welcome to cooperate and negotiate, we will join hands with you in TSCI//

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//Welcome to cooperate and negotiate, we will join hands with you in TSCI//


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